You know what sucks? Being the only homo in the whole socal universe who knows the rhapsody and rapture that is Oban Star Racers. I wish Disney had the licensing for the original opening song.

I just finished the series. I shed a tear at the finale. And like with all anime roller coasters, I have to hop on the next one before a wave of loss sweeps over me like a gust. I have Space Pirate Mito buried in my hard drive- I am going to buy a SATA hard drive encloser to free it, along with Candidate for the Goddess and all my pictures from the last month. I have Moribito, Gurren Lagaan, and the first season of 00 (Which i guess I finished today too, thanks Scifi Channel).

Possessions I would like to have manifest in my life:
Alienware's M17 Laptop
my dad's Camry (Paying it off now)
A Nikon D70, or 80 or 90
a boyfriend

Life would be so much cheaper easier if I could just be a good Indian Buddhist.
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( Feb. 11th, 2009 09:15 am)

08:02 Just finished the luck in the shadows audiobook! yeah... i could have read it better. #

-till next time,
I swear you will be hooked after 2 episodes. French-Japanese Animes are the best.




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