• Go home, have dad Jump my car battery.
  • Possibly buy a new one?
  • Go the pharmacy, get prescription
  • Get gas
  • Get Oil changed
  • Buy myITlab for Office 2007
  • ISBN: 0135132770
  • 900 Rancho San Diego Parkway El Cajon, California 92019 619-660-4000
  • Buy a usb SATA hard drive enclosure
  • Bread and eggs. Oh- ingreedients for a cleanse
  • Maple Syrup, Grade B organic, Lemon juice/Lime juice (I already have the Cayenne pepper)
  • Transfer all my data(Picture archive, Vuze Downloads, ect), zip up laptop and ship it out
  • IF I HAVE MONEY: Fabric shopping for:
  • Man Toph
  • Chowder
  • Flapjack

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( Feb. 13th, 2009 09:15 am)

10:49 I think i need a new car battery. Or a Jump. And an Oil change. and A new car. #

13:46 Finally finished Gurren Lagaan. I push the series and the whole experience away from me. Too much bullshit macho penis drills. #

-till next time,


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