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( Mar. 6th, 2009 03:54 am)
Dr. Steel’s Army of Toy Soldiers
Enlistment Pack
PO Box 3151
Santa Clarita,

Dr. Steel’s Army of Toy Soldiers
Membership ID
PO Box 3151
Santa Clarita CA

I recently found my request holy grail- an OST so reveled and highly rated and praised that a 'new' copy retails $40 to $100 on Amazon.

For all the Steevies, Macabre Mollys, and Goth Skiddies, this movie and OST is for you.

The guy who uploaded this actually went in and ripped songs from the DVD that weren't originally in the OST, boosting the track listing to 23:

Tracklistings Goth-lore! )

I found the DL on http://vinnierattolle.blogspot.com/ which has 176 amazing, super ultra rare movie and tv show soundtracks in a treasure trove of other nostalgia inducing downloads, . Who doesn't want the OST to Buckaroo Banzai or the Brady Bunch Variety Hour?


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