Sometimes you just need to kick yourself and say 'You deserve what you got'.

well im 21. and i will not use a smiley face emoticon because i am an adult now. more so.

I had planned on updating this thing on my birthday but alas i didnt. who gives a shit really.

I got spoiled spoiled spoiled spoiled spoiled rottten rotten rotten for my birthday. I took [info]aiwemor to the university club and had a 1000 dollar dinner seafood buffet where i ate lobster and things with legs. My parrents truly surprised me with my gift: a refurbished dv9410us notebook, in which i am writing from at work. Awiemor got me pants to go with my suit her wonderful mother helped me pick out, a hand made card, a pair of engraved sewing shears, and 

motherfucking wii. Suddenly i can apply myself to a third of all the political video game intrigue and anticipation that I surroundmyselfwithomg. 

seriously though this laptop is like... and the wii is like... words fail me. I kinda cant stand my fortune. 
I nearly lost my shit last weekend because of all of this new.. fangledness. I keep hitting the / button but it has a numberpad, built in 1.3 megapixel webcamera and microphone holes. the wii was in a bundle with an extra wiimote and mario party 8. i got rid of that party for credit and bought warioware and am now borrowing zelda.

fucking if i used my credit when i had the chance last weekend i wouldnt be in my retarded financial postion now, but i digress. i wont be going anywhere or spending money for a while. someone stop me. seriously, i need to pay rents.

also, i got the dvd of celtic women concert from grandma. shes awsome. 

yeah... the laptop was missing a remote that fits inside the webcard reader thingy and headphones but one im convo with hp support got them sent to me post haste free of charge.

im blonde now kinda. 

I saw [personal profile] lady last weekend- truley the highlight of awesomeness for now i own things she doesnt want. there are soup can warhol magnets on my frige. Were doing breakfast at my appartment on sunday and i want to make smiley pancakes.

I need to grow up or something. i figure my behavior would be cute and coy if i was a skinny chick but that isnt going to happen. I still cant spell.

Kittie's ex boyfriend or something Erin messaged me on myspace and it wasn't the end of the world. Every time i write here i think of all the things i have kept bottled up over them and all my friends i used to have, and all the things that were not said or done. I'm not over it and at the same time i really do not care at all. I feel as if I am remembering something that was never there, like getting confused if a dream you had a long time ago wasn't a dream but actually happened... or not.


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