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( Jun. 15th, 2007 12:45 am)
I should elab a little bit more on my previous entry -  [info]aiwemor sent me a link on AIM to I-doser.com, which is this website that basically is petteling MP3's that are supposed to administer drug effects. These Mp3's (actually FLAC files but whatever) are called 'doses' and range from the moderately high price of $1-5(tracks titled Cocaine, Sleeping Angel, !Rave!, ect) to the retardedly overpiced $200 premium 1 hour track called.. The Hand of God (oOoOo).

I immediately call bullshit, like im penn & teller, and i hastily find the 10 Gigabyte torrent on Demonoid to which i have a link to in the previous post. I am currently about half way done with it. Why am I wasting my time? I think that such faggotry does not need to go untested, and with my self richouse, exhalted anti-drug and alchohol preventing me from participating in any of the normal Southern California rehindeer games, this is a healthy and exiting oppertunity to bend my values- With music no less! Huzzah technology!

That, and I want the $200 Hand of God for free, just because it's a $200 SONG.

This mp3 is $200.

This MP3 IS $200.



(read the description, lol)

Notes for said topic:

how to achieve max effects:

FACC wiki


I think that I am liberial enough to be suceptible to the effects... or at least my brain might be. I certainly hope that i am wrong about these songs being bullpoo and feel something. I've got my headphones handy and a nice couch in front of the Air Conditioner all lined up for when this puppy gets finnished downloading, so i will keep you posted on how retarded shitfaced i will/won't get.

And thank the Hands of Goddess for youtube- getting my hopes up already... lol


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