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( May. 4th, 2007 11:52 am)
IM Bon... Troy...er on AIM that someone has made a comic with his... visage in it, and that his celebrity has been lifted to MEME status.


(6:45:07 AM): hey troy
(6:42:43 AM): Hey whats up
(6:47:31 AM): Hi.
(6:47:53 AM): Hey i think you might be famous on the internet
(6:43:35 AM): lol yeps been that way since '05
(6:48:33 AM): you know someone made like a comic with your picture in it?
(6:49:25 AM): I couldnt believe it
(6:44:58 AM): lol really? havent seen that one
(6:49:51 AM): omg really? let me link you
(6:50:34 AM): Someone was posting it on this anime site
(6:50:45 AM): not this one, though. something else
(6:47:08 AM): thats pretty fucking funny actually
(6:52:11 AM): Oh wow
(6:52:33 AM): I didnt know how you would feel. I loled a lil bit
(6:49:04 AM): nah I laugh at all of it
(6:54:04 AM): What are the odds, right?
(6:50:17 AM): its all on how someone takes it
(6:55:42 AM): I agree


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