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( Jul. 14th, 2007 02:40 am)
My last blog was about spoilers- however the wonderful Restore Draft option that LJ has erased half of it, all the links, the rant about the Harry Potter spoiler, the news on Comic Con, Futurama, Wii Guitar Hero model, and the Rock Band video displaying all the parifs. Since I am too lazy to rewrite it, I wont, and since i am too stupid to write this all in Word first for safe keeping, I wont either.


so after seeing this:

I googled for a Rape Whistle to buy- alas Ebay had nothing and the only whistle i found was with my new fav blog about tech :

Frankly, I dont need a rape whisle that bad. Im sure I can find another musical instrament that invokes someone to rape you somewhere else, like a tender love panflute or a buttsex kazoo.

So here in Gizmodo I found some really nifty and useful gadgets i dont need, such as this nifty KEYPORT


Yay, swiss army keys! So EuroJap... I love it. Cant wait for it to be available...

And we cant talk about Tech without GAMIN!

Check out this nifty (and Cheap) WII PARTY STATION http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/e307/hands+on-with-nykos-wii-party-station-verdict-crazy-awesome-277948.php

Or better yet, how about buying a wii... lol I need one before Brawl comes out in Decembre- I hear that shortages are still everywhere and not going to get any better...



This site has the latest videos and whatnot- goood times.


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