So i heart the

i know bionic woman is going to be a big deal with us queers so i am watching and i am loving it because of bionic womans punky angsty deaf deaf deaf sister with 3 tattoos is awesome. finally a tv show is doing something unique with a supporting character. look! the bionic woman is doing sign-language!

but, as my legendary tv curse goes, nothing i watch/like on tv is sacred and immediately gets cancelled and removed. for whatever reason in the middle of watching it on the tv-links the server disappears, so i say fuck it and go to to watch it...

Shes gone. gone gone gone. She is replaced with some skinny bitch with a laptop restraining order.

I had just watched 20 minutes of the unaired pilot and the whole series is ruined for me because the one interesting character gets replaced with an actress/character whos 'safe'.

fuck everything. fuck nbc. i miss studio 60. fuck nbc. i seriously don't want to watch it anymore.

im gonna go to  [profile] wewatchtv and bitch my heart out now.


so the actress who played deaf sister to the bionic woman is famed voice actress Mae Whitman

She does the voice of Katara on Avatar the last airbender. yay i knew i liked her. I wonder if she was at the bionic woman pannel and the avatar pannel at comic con, or if they had already replaced her and she tried to avoid contact with them at the same convention or something... who knows. Yay drama.

Found out this info here.


this is the actress that replaced her. i cant dislike her for doing her job, but i can dislike her for being a skinny bitch. i dislike her. I dont care if the deaf character was a cliche or even if the actress wasnt deaf herself, i just think it would have been more interesting then having some skinny bitch computer hacker.

The black guy who used to be on greys anatomy until he called the cute gay guy on the show a fag for being late is coming on the show. Haha, canceled.


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